(修订 & 采用6/14/05)


该组织的名称为ASCE 结构工程研究所,新奥尔良分会,以下简称"陈纯SEI-NO“, and shall be affiliated with the New Orleans Branch of American Society of Civil Engineers. 的目的 陈纯SEI-NO is to foster the exchange of the professional and technical knowledge and enhance structural engineering practice and the professional interaction between structural engineers, 架构师, 及其他相关技术学科. 陈纯SEI-NO shall also interface with the general public on matters relating to industry practice and public safety where applicable. 的目的 陈纯SEI-NO shall be to serve and promote the structural engineering professional locally within the State of Louisiana in a manner consistent with the purpose of the 结构工程研究所(SEI) of the 美国土木工程师学会(ASCE). 的行为 陈纯SEI-NO shall be consistent with the provisions as set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws of the New Orleans Branch of ASCE.



会议.    的主要功能 陈纯SEI-NO will be the organization and presentation of technical sessions and programs.  陈纯SEI-NO 将安排会议, 讨论分析的研讨会和讲习班, 结构的设计和建造. Sub-committees may be formed to deal with specific material such as steel, concrete or timber.  

实践.    陈纯SEI-NO 可以回顾与时事相关的结构工程实践吗, 规定, 政府提出的政策和建议, 教育及规管团体, 以及bwin官网正在制定的政策.  的目的 such review would be to identify the consensus opinion of practitioners and formally communicate such opinions with appropriate recommendations to the ASCE新奥尔良分部 Board of Directors. 促进土木工程.    An 陈纯SEI-NO goal is to raise the awareness of the general public to the role and accomplishments of the Civil/Structural Engineer.



加入 陈纯SEI-NO is open to all members of the 美国土木工程师学会(ASCE) or 结构工程研究所(SEI).  个人, 寻求进入执行委员会的任命, shall possess a professional license or have sufficient technical expertise or education and be approved by the 执行委员会.



执行委员会. 陈纯SEI-NO 将由执行委员会管理. The 执行委员会 will organize meetings and provide liaison between the general membership of 陈纯SEI-NO 以及新奥尔良分部董事会.



执行委员会. 陈纯SEI-NO将由执行委员会管理. The 执行委员会 will organize meetings and provide liaison between the general membership of 陈纯SEI-NO 以及新奥尔良分部董事会.
执行委员会将由两类成员组成, 成员及通讯成员. 所有执行委员会的成员将是ASCE或SEI的成员. Members will attend all the meetings of 执行委员会 and administer all the functions of the Structures Committee. The Corresponding Members will not be required to attend the 执行委员会 meetings, but they will help the Committee in arranging programs and getting presenters. Corresponding Members will get all the minutes of the 执行委员会 meetings, 就像成员.

The number of Members on 执行委员会 will be variable and comprised of the following:

  • Representatives of the private sector, 谁专门从事结构设计和/或建造.
  • 杜兰大学和新奥尔良大学的代表们, 谁在教授结构设计和/或建造.
  • 政府机构代表, 谁专门从事结构设计和/或建造.

The membership on the 执行委员会 shall be limited to one per organization, 以便在各利益领域之间保持平衡. 在特殊情况下, 执行委员会可放宽本条规定, 为了委员会的正常运作和需要. 军官. The 执行委员会 will recommend the name of the Structures Committee 主席 to the Board of Directors of ASCE新奥尔良分部, 谁来确认和任命主席. The term for the 主席 will be one year, October 1 to September 30 of next year. All the 军官 will be elected from voting members of the 执行委员会, 哪些机构会每年委任下列人员, 除了主席:

主席:主席将召集和直接召开执行委员会会议, attend New Orleans Branch Board of Directors meetings reporting activities and needs to the Board.

副主席: The 副主席 will record and distribute the minutes of the meeting and keep all the correspondence of the Committee. The 副主席 will also prepare the Annual Report and send it to the Secretary of ASCE新奥尔良分部 by September 30. In absence of the 主席, the 副主席 will fulfill the 主席’s duties.

财务主管 例财务主管将为委员会准备年度预算. 他还将负责委员会的支出、收入和资产. The 财务主管 will prepare and present the 执行委员会 the Quarterly Financial Reports. Also he will provide an annual financial report to the New Orleans Branch Board of Directors.

新闻信编辑器: The 新闻信编辑器 will edit and publish a newsletter informing the Branch membership of the Committee’s Activities. 执行委员会成员. The 执行委员会 will vote to admit new members for the 执行委员会. The resume of the new applicant should be given to all the 执行委员会成员s at least one meeting before the voting Voting.

执行委员会将对主席团成员选举等问题进行投票, 章程修改, 选举执行委员会新成员. For the voting on any issue, at least 50% of the members shall be present. For passing of the issue, at least 51% of the member present shall vote “yes”. The notice for the Election of 军官 shall be given to the 执行委员会成员s at least 14 calendar days in advance. 没有. If any 执行委员会 member is absent for 3 consecutive 执行委员会 meetings without permission to be excused, 委员会可要求该委员从执行委员会辞职.


财务主管将负责公司所有的财务活动 陈纯SEI-NO 并为委员会保管账簿. There shall be at least two signatures of the 执行委员会 appointed members, (银行)开支票, 但是支票上只需要一个签名. 财务主管将编制年度预算,并将其提交 陈纯SEI-NO 以及新奥尔良分部董事会 at the Board’s first meeting in each fiscal year.



没有部分净利润的 陈纯SEI-NO shall inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual and no substantial part of the activities of 陈纯SEI-NO shall be carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and 陈纯SEI-NO 不得参与, 或介入(包括发表或分发报表), any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.


解散后的 陈纯SEI-NO,即清偿债务后的剩余资产 陈纯SEI-NO 将分发给ASCE新奥尔良分部.